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Dr Jen Carroll RD PhD

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Supporting you to undertake low carb and ketogenic diets

What we do

We specialise in supporting children and adults to undertake low carbohydrate and ketogenic diet therapies for a broad range of clinical conditions. 

Both dietary approaches limit carbohydrates but the degree of restriction varies significantly. The term ‘keto diet’ is often used interchangeably to cover a wide range of carbohydrate restrictions, but this can be confusing.

The internet is flooded with keto information, so it can be challenging to identify what approach is right for you or your child.  We provide one-to-one consultations, training, education and online learning resources to support you. 

Low carb or keto?

When it comes to choosing between low carb and keto diets, there are several factors to consider. What foods should I restrict? What foods should I eat more of? What about protein? Do I need to check my ketones?  Do I need to take supplements? There are so many questions! Our resources will help to answer these questions for you and we offer one-to-one consultations in our low carb and keto clinics.

We can support you with the changes needed to help you achieve your optimal outcomes.

Online Courses, Meal Plans and Guides

Our learning resources will help you to prepare for and implement a low carb or ketogenic diet using the latest evidence-based data.

Guides and Meal Plans

We have developed a range of PDF guides and meal plans to support you. We cover weight loss, type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, metabolic disorders and migraines.

Shopping lists, meal plans and recipes will help you to achieve your goals.

Self-paced Online Courses

Our online self-paced courses contain a range of modules, resources, activities, recipes and meal ideas.

Enhance your knowledge and understanding of low carb and ketogenic diets and how they  can improve your health and wellbeing.

Start your low carb journey with our free fact sheet!

Whether you are planning to follow a low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet, the preparation is exactly the same! We need to significantly reduce carbohydrate intake.

This fact sheet will explain the difference between these approaches and give you 5 top tips to start your low carb or keto journey.

One-to-One Virtual Consultations

We offer virtual low carb and medical ketogenic diet therapy clinics where we can work together to achieve your goals.

Jen has been treating children and adults with ketogenic diet therapy for over 15 years as a senior specialist ketogenic dietitian in the NHS and now as a private consultant ketogenic dietitian.

Low Carbohydrate and Keto Clinic

Our low carb and ketogenic clinic supports adults to undertake low carb and keto diets for weight loss, type 2 diabetes, mood, and general well-being.

Medical Ketogenic Diet Therapy Clinic

Our medical ketogenic clinic supports children and adults to undertake medical ketogenic diet therapy for epilepsy, metabolic disorders and migraines.

What our patients say

Emma-Williams-MBE | The
“I have known Jen for several years in her capacity as a Ketogenic Dietitian, Ketogenic researcher, educator and mentor for KetoCollege. I am delighted that Jen has started The Keto Dietitian service for both paediatrics and adults, as we are desperately in need of more services, especially for adults.

I know that patients will be in expert hands and Jen understands the difficulties that families can be under and how important good support is when embarking on these dietary therapies and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Emma Williams MBE
Founder – Matthew’s Friends for Ketogenic Dietary Therapies
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